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There are a few slide shows on several topics:
A home made gin pole.
Setup a tower by hand.
Add direction readout + mouting plate to heavy rotor.
Bring up the 20 meter beam to the top of a 21 meter high tower.
A 360 degree look from the 20 meter antenna tower.
Building a 40 meter beam. reconstruction
The patch panel reconstruction
Photo's PACC 2009
Building a central heating unit..
Building a W3NQN bandpass filters.
A rotor mouting + rotor preparing..
A power splitter + diversity controller.
Our patch panel.
A broadband 80M dipole..
Project 80-160 vertical.
Project HP filter enclosure.

Winter photo's @ PI4CC.



We have a few video's online. Our favorite contest is the PACC where we run Multi/Multi operator. This contest is held every second full weekend in feburari.
Fieldday BBQ 2005
PACC 2006
PACC 2007
PACC 2012
PACC 2013
PACC 2014
PACC 2015
PACC 2016
PI4CC promotion video
Replacement of an old tower
Build and raise 2 element quad for 40M.
Build and raise a 24 meter high tower.
Some tower work has to be done
Replace a bad connector up the tower.
VK0EK on 80M with light on the antenna!

Before PI4CC exsist there was a fieldday group. There are active since 1976. A video of the year 1989 or 1994 can be seen.

Visitors have make some video's too. Have a look:

QSO's with PI4CC on Youtube:
SN5V (11:30)
XE2B (6:20)
SP5KAB (1:00)

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