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The Wifi controller.

We designed a universal controller around a arduino clone with wifi. At the other end is the PI with Node-RED server connected to the LAN. To control the RX-array you need the 4 relay version.

A list of components we used:

Connect the all the COM on the web  relay board to + 12V on the switch PCB.
Connect the relay 1 NO on the web relay server to relay 1 on the switch PCB.
Do the same for relay 2, 3 ,4 NO to 2 ,3, 4 on the switch PCB.

Wire up the arduino and upload the sketch to the arduino. In the sketch is some explanation how to setup the board and info on the routines. You need to add your wifi access details. For some it hard to understand how its works. I don't give any support how to configure the arduino. There is a lot of info on the WWW

  The arduino clone with wifi onboard

The externa; wifi antenna the extrend the range. The build in antnna on the PCB is so so.l


A look in site.


The controller ready to use.


A wifi verion with an encoder.
A short demo video is on-line.
The sketch can be downloaded here

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