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Kits build by customers.

Here you can view some pictures by others who has build the RX system with PCBs from PI4CC.
Click on the call to see more pictures.



W8KA photo's.

Frank made clean setup with a great layout and still portable. Have close look for some ideas for your project.

A note from Frank via the email:
Peter, Build the 9 Circle Array and temporarily deployed it for the ARRL 160 Meter Contest at a remote camping spot. It worked very very well...totally impressed.


ON7MV photo's.

Miguel has put 2 nice video's on youtube.
The array overview video.
Listing on the radio video.

The conclusion by ON7MV on the array.
The pages with the construction details of ON7MV setup.


IK2EGL photo's.


PE5TS photo's.


HB9CZF will rebuild/extent his array with PI4CC PCB's


K4PI photo's.


LY1G photo's.


OE6MBG photo's.


WB9HBH photo's.


DL1RG photo's.

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