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Build your own array.

We are not company, but guys with a ham radio hobby who share info!
Since DX-engeneering has stopped selling the needed part for this RX antenna I receive requests if we are willing to sell the parts.
As we are a small club we can only offer the PCBs and we are not selling complete kits!

Our PCBs are shipped to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canada, Czech-Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA and Switzerland.

In our webshop you can order the PCB's. Shipping will be from China and will take 25-40 days. Shipping costs are included.

RX-amps, you will get 10 pieces for 20 euro.
Switch-board, you will get 5 pieces for 20 euro.
Phase board you, will get 5 pieces for 20 euro.
Controller board, you will get 5 pieces for 20 euro.

A fast way to get your PCBs is to order a complete set.
You will get 10 RX amps, 2 switch, 2 phase and 2 controller boards. For each board there will be one extra. This board can be used as drill mall.
This package will be send from The Netherlands via DHL or POST.NLand within a week or two, it will be at your door step for 60 euro (shipping include WW).

To make it easy we give you a Bill Of Materials (BOM) for each PCB.
Download the RX-amp BOM, switch/phase board BOM and controller BOM. The part numbers are for Mouser.com. But there are many other sources to buy from too!
The price for components of 10 RX-amp is around $100. Components for one phase and switch board is around $100 as well. The controllor board parts will be around $25.

You have to add some magnetic wire, coax, f-connectors and 15 meter RG179. Of couse some enclosures to put the components into.
Ebay is an nice source to find those E.g.:
F-connector, stripping tool, compression tool Search for a combi deal!



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