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Build your own array.

We are not company, but guys with a ham radio hobby who share info!
Since DX-engeneering has stopped selling the needed part for this RX antenna I receive requests if we are willing to sell the parts.
Since we are a small club we can only offer the PCBs and we are not selling complete kits!

PCBs are shipped to USA, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Australia, Czech_Republic, Slovakia, Austria and The Netherlands.

In our webshop you can order the PCB's. Shipping is included. Shipping will be from China and will take 25-40 days.

RX-amps, you will get 10 pieces for 20 euro.
Switch-board, you will get 5 pieces for 20 euro.
Phase board you, will get 5 pieces for 20 euro.
Controller board, you will get 5 pieces for 20 euro. You need 1 board as drill mal. This in development stage!

If you order all 3 together,we can use DHL and within 5-8 days the packages will at your door step. There is a risk of added tax by customs, so I will ask what kind of shipping you want.
Within EU I can send one phase and one switch PCB for 15 euro's.

To make it easy we give you a Bill Of Materials (BOM) for each PCB
Download the RX-amp BOM, switch/phase board BOM and controller BOM. The part numbers are for Mouser.com and Mouser they will send for free if your orde is > 50$ .But there are many othes sources to buy from.
The price for components of 10 RX-amp is aroud $100. Components for one phase and switch board is around $100 as well. The controllor board parts will be around $25.

You have to add some magnetic wire, coax, f-connectors and 15 meter RG179. Of couse some enclosures to put the components into.
Ebay is an nice source to find those E.g.:
F-connector, stripping tool, compression tool Search for a combi deal!



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