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This antenna is designed for 40, 80 and 160 meters to complement a tri-band beam normally taken on DXpeditions for 10, 15 and 20 meters, so six bands can be worked with only two antennas.


The material used is high strength aluminum tubing, 6061-T6 alloy, in sizes ranging from 2 inches to 1 inch ( 5 to 2,5 cm) OD Guy lines are 3/32 inch t 2.4 mm) dacron double braided rope with a rating of 260 pounds (118 Kg) breaking strength. Wind survival rating is 100 MPH (160 KMH) assuming proper guy rope anchors.


The antenna is a vertical element 48 feet ( 15 meters ) high with traps for 40 and 80 meter operation, with a top loading guy wire connected BELOW the 80 meter trap to resonate the antenna on 80 meters and a top loading wire connected ABOVE the 80 meter trap for 160 meter operation. It is guyed four ways at three levels so the side guy ropes act as a hinge allowing it to be "walked up" by one person.

Original traps were coaxial as in oct.81 HAM RADIO, May '81 QST and Dec. ' 84 QST. These work fine at powers up to 800 watts or so, but run "hot" at " full legal power"!!

The latest design uses regular L/C traps with the "L" being #10 wire and the "C" made from lengths of R/G 213U (approx 30pf/ft.) The mechanical construction is a little complicated, but not difficultly (The coax cap. fits inside of the aluminum mast sections. A single approx 3' for 40 and parallel approx 4' sections for 80) The 40 meter trap uses 13 T on 11/2 CPVC.

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