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Raspberry PI as a controller

Beside the standard controller we use a PI to control the relais board. On the PI we run Node-RED and via a web browser you can see the actual chosen direction. If the PI is connected to the internet, the correct port is open in your router and forward to the PI's ip adres you can control the setup any where via the web buttons

A remote controllor is made with a arduino with wifi onboard. We build a version with buttons and a version with an encoder.

You may try this demo. Control it via a browser on your desktop and on your mobile to see the interaction.



The web site from the Node_RED server. The flow can be download here.

At the PI connect a 4 relay board and wire them:to the GPIO:
Pin 4 +5V
Pin 6 Ground
Pin 12 GPIO 18 to relay 1
Pin 11 GPIO 17 to relay 2
Pin 13 GPIO 27 to relay 3
Pin 15 GPIO 22 to relay 4

The relay board acts like a switch and controls the outdoor relay board of the YCCC setup.


We build a controller based on a Arduino. The controller with 8 buttons is build around a wifi clone. The controller send direction info to a PI (as server) with a LAN and relays shield. Via LAN its receive the wanted relay combination to control the outdoor switch unit. The PI with a LAN shield can also be remote controled via a web interface. If you have done some programming on a arduino / PI before, this will just a funny project to build the complete controller/server unit.


An other way to contol is to use an encoder  to set the direction.
The setup is around the same arduino.


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