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On this page we will keep a track of changes on the site.


23-sept Correct the L1 values for 10m.(Thanks Kiran)
16-june Add 80 and 160 meter info.
15-june Update the example. Take care of the inside coil diameter and wire diameter to caculate the induction.
15-june Add 10, 15 and 20 meter info.
14-june Correct spelling and grammatical errors. Tnx Henk!
10-june Add instruction "how to tune the filter" and detail info for 40M
10-june Add an example design to the coil program
8-june Changed 15m Cauer stage C2A 150 to 220p, L1 0.834 to 0.5686 uH for better symmetry
8-june Update the B.O.M. for 15M
22-may Add the first Q&A.
14-may Add the enclosure worksheet.
13-may Add the parts list.
13-may Add a page for the coil programma.

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