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Just a remark regarding this project:. We are not company, but guys with a ham radio hobby who share info!

This page is intended to guide you through the building process of the PI4CC high power band pass filters. A project overview can be found here.

Using the web-shop tab you can order the needed amount of sets of pcb’s. One set will contain 5 pcb's and with those you can build 1 band pass filter. For all the 6 contest bands you will need 6 sets.
For shipping we charge a flat fee for any destination in the world. Shipping includes track & trace. There is a maximum of 6 pcb sets per package! For payment we use Paypal. This is a safe method, including insurance in case something goes wrong.

Meanwhile you can do some preparations already. Read the Q&A, order the needed parts from another supplier and build/prepare the housing..

Exact details regarding the coil sizes, how to tune the filter and a program which calculates the coil parameters with copper tubing you have available will be send to those who have placed an order.


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